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 Sunray Cinema until April

We will show movies in which elders are playing elders, giving the role's action authenticity

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Where to find us:

We meet at 9 o'clock on Schilcherweg (off Grünwalderstrasse) where it turns left. From there a path leads down to the river. We will be back at the same spot at 1 pm. We will be there regardless of weather. From the meeting point it is a ten minute walk to the barrage in front of the bridge.

All children and adolescents from 8 to 16.
Children under eight must be acompanied by an adult. Adults wishing to make time for their inner child are welcome as well.

The Sunday School is a voluntary project without budget or pay. All participation is at your own risk.


Appropriate clothing (down by the river temperatures tend to be a few degres lower than in the surrounding areas.

Replacement clothing (There is plenty of water after all)

Snacks and drink, food to share (like stickbread dough et. al.)

Tools, a rattle

Remember that you will also be asked to carry parts of the common gear or fire wood, so don't bring too much "stuff".

How to get there:
Public transportation: U-Bahn to Silberhornstrasse, or S-Bahn to Rosenheimer Platz. From there take Tram 25 direction Grünwald. Your stop is Schilcherweg.

By car from city center: Take Grünwalderstrasse South bound to the train crossing. After that Schilcherweg is the second to the right.

From out of town: Take highway A99 to Exit Grünwald. Follow signs into Grünwald, Bavaria Filmstudios. Turn right into Grünwalderstrasse. After about five minutes Schilcherweg is the to the left right before the train crossing.

Expenses and registration:
Our program is being supported through our participants' parents' generosity. There is no fee. Firewood and tools will be supplied if available. New participants please register at



Our schedule for 2012:


10th December 2011

8th January 2012

12th February 2012

11th March 2012

15th April 2012

13th May 2012

10th June 2012

8th July 2012

12th August 2012

21st-23rd. Sep. 2012 (Camp)

14th October 2012

11th November 2012

9th December 2012

Dates can change on short notice. We will publish all changes here. Active students will be notified directly.



Weather report

A quick look at the forecast may be helpful when deciding what clothes to wear and what equipment to bring.



Clear vision, basic material and and good communication can lead to astounding results

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