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 Sunray Cinema until April

We will show movies in which elders are playing elders, giving the role's action authenticity

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The people of Sunray Sunday School


The Sunday School was founded by Kilian Keller in 2005. Since then children with their parents and young adolescents meet on the banks of the Isar River once a month. The Sunday School and its founder are supported by Miriam and Florian Berrenberg.



Waya Usdi

(Tsalagi for: Little Wolf, given name: Kilian Keller)


Father of two children. Has been studying Native American  medicine since 1991. He had dreamt about a different kind of school for the purpose of growing up for the better part of the last twenty years. Waya Usdi is basketholder of the Building Gaduji and a member of the Healing, Teaching and Drumming Gadujis. He is a real estate manager for an international company.




Miriam Berrenberg


Mother of two children. Has been studying and teaching yoga for the last four years. She is a professional taylor, and has been supportig the Sunday School since 2006.









Florian Berrenberg


Father of two children. Florian is curently working as a High School teacher for English and Physical Education about 20 miles east of Munich. He has also been a football coach for 28 years. He is the head coach of the Munich Cowboys whom he lead back into the play-offs in his first year there. He has been actively participating in the Sunday School since 2007.









We wish to express our gratitude to the following people and organisations:


Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Spokesperson of the Green Mountain Band of the Eastern Cherokee, 27th generation lineage holder of the Yahoo tradition. Teacher and leader of Sunray Meditation Society. With her courage to share traditional Native American medicine with non-natives she has helped to build a working community and laid the groundworks upon which the Sunday School has been built.



Reverend Amtul, minister and leader of the Starchild Gathering: Her wonderful cherokee based programs for children are always inspiring.


Standing Bear: Teacher and minister of the Western Cherokee. His unusual and inspiring history has proved the importance of these ways.



Dwight ?, Lakota: Dwight was a simple man - the epitome of radiating wisdom. He taught and lead by the example of his own life.


Grandfather Eagle Dedam, Micmac: Meeting him was a turning point in the lives of many...


Jim Yellowhorse, Lakota: A wise elder, who showed patience for the right moment, deep compassion and ever present wisdom.


Susan E. Keller: She supports the Sunday School in many ways not the least of which her hospitality.


Pestalozzi-Realschule in Munich, which recognized and supported the Sunday School as a welcome addition to it's own educational program.


all donors and suppoters 





Some things are better done together. Markus, Quirin and Paul are taking down some dead trees that had been fighting gravity and the boys' axes for an extended period of time before succumbing to the team effort.


fully focused and still having tons of fun...